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2 February 2011,
Billy Gardell sppke to CBS about obesity and Mike & Molly huge success, below:

Is the show ever in danger of just being about overweight people?

"No," Gardell said, "because they said right from the beginning, it was just about two people that didn't think they were going to fall in love. They get to fall in love. And if you can't root for that, you're kind of dead inside.

"But the beautiful thing about our cast is, you know, we're not Ross and Rachel. Things don't work out for us. We're not perfect. And I think people are, they haven't been on TV since 'Roseanne.' ... People go, 'I know these people."'

But Hill pointed out there has been some negative reaction to the show. In late October in Marie Claire magazine, a writer said she was disgusted by the show, because she said it promoted obesity.

How did Gardell respond to the author? "I sent her some chocolates," Gardell said. "No, I'm teasing!"

He continued, "Hey, look, you know, you can't please everybody. And I'm a stand-up comic. I know that. It doesn't matter how funny you are and how well you do, there's two people (who are) going to walk out of there hating you. It's human nature. It is what it is. That woman's issues are hers. That's fine. We have 13 million people two weeks ago that are tuning in and I'm going to concentrate on that."

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