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13 September 2010,
If anyone in your life watches Mike & Molly and doesn't fall instantly in love, please send that person to a cardiologist for a checkup, because they might have no heart. Mike & Molly is the story of two Chicagoans, one an overweight beat cop, the other an overweight fourth-grade teacher, who meet at Overeaters Anonymous and begin to fall in love.

Mike & Molly is about the love, tolerance, understanding and appreciation that we all want for ourselves, as told through the eyes of two utterly sympathetic—and yes, big-boned—protagonists. But hey, if you don't watch for the sentiment, at least tune in for the hilarity.

The series comes from Chuck Lorre, the guy who created Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, and stand-up comedian Billy Gardell (Mike) and costar Melissa McCarthy (Molly) are consummate pros. We promise that in these capable hands you will laugh a lot...and maybe cry a little too. - E! Online

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