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4 August 2010,

When Melissa McCarthy heard about "Mike & Molly," she wanted no part of it. "Before I read it, just the thought of it upset me," said the 39-year-old actress and Plainfield native said in a recent interview. "Mike & Molly" is a new CBS comedy for fall, and it follows the relationship of the title characters, who get to know each other at Overeaters Anonymous meetings.

McCarthy, who played chef Sookie St. James for seven seasons on "Gilmore Girls and has appeared in films such as "The Nines" and "The Back-up Plan," had to be talked into even reading the script, which she feared might contain "potshots and cheap writing."

After she was told that the comedy would be shot near her house, would have the easier hours of a multicamera sitcom and was co-created by comedy guru Chuck Lorre, she finally relented and read it.

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